Friday, June 22, 2007

Throughout the day yesterday, I kept checking Dean's progress as he attempted to break the 24-hour treadmill record. Although I don't know his exact mileage, the website says "he completed a distance equal to the total of five marathons, just one shy of the record."

Watching the spectacle unfold in real time via the internet was pretty amazing.

Also amazing was the barrage of trash-talking about Dean on the ultra listserv. I just don't get the animosity from the ultra community.


Just12Finish said...

Dude - I just downloaded the perfect theme song for your El Scorcho race. Burning Love by Elvis. Can you picture playing this at the start?

Ooh, ooh, ooh,
I feel my temperature rising
Help me, I'm flaming
I must be a hundred and nine
Burning, burning, burning
And nothing can cool me
I just might turn into smoke
But I feel fine

Yeah baby!

Addy said...

I there with you on questioning the amazing amount of hostility generated by this event in the ultra community. I have difficulty understanding the extreme reaction that people seem to have towards him.

His total was 128.75 :) Not all that close to the record, but still pretty awesome. Don't think I'll ever be able to run something like that!


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