Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The flight is booked, and I'm registered for the San Francisco Marathon taking place on July 29. Very exciting!


Jonathan Gunderson said...

Great race....right in my backyard. Just beware of all the hills, especially at the end.


Addy said...

Ooh! How exciting :) I love running in San Francisco. You'll have such a good time!

GandaMan said...

Thanks guys!

The hills are gonna be tough. I have a feeling I won't be setting a PR in SF.

Addy said...

PR might not be in the cards :) But this hill shouldn't be too killer! Especially in the 1st 1/2. That's essentially my normal 20 miler (out and back) and its a really great section. Looking at the race map, I really want to do this race sometime! I'm jealous :) Might try to run some of the course the weekend after next on my own, since, w/ looking at the map, I might finally be able to figure out how to run to golden gate park!

afuntanilla said...

good for you! I ran this race in 2005! a great course and not nearly as hilly as you might think.

The miles over and back across the golden gate were i think the toughest. Very crowded!! The weather was perfect. You will have a blast!!

Just12Finish said...

The maniac strikes again!


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