Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lots of nice comments about the San Francisco marathon. I'm looking forward to my journey west this summer.

The hills may be a bit rough, but I'm excited about getting to see the city on foot. It will also be nice to hook up with Ra-Ra, my long lost law school friend and confidant.

In preparation for the SF run, I've got the Andy Payne Memorial Marathon later this month in Oklahoma. I'd never heard of Andy Payne until I stumbled across the marathon bearing his namesake. According to the race website, Payne was living in Oklahoma when the Great Depression hit. In an effort to find work, he hitchhiked to California, where he came across an ad for "The Great Cross-Country Marathon Race," a run from California to New York with a $25,000 prize for the winner. Payne covered the 3,422.3 miles first in 573 hours, 4 minutes, and 34 seconds. He took his winnings and paid off the mortgage on his family farm. Considered a hero throughout Oklahoma, Payne won the office of Clerk of the Supreme Court of Oklahoma in 1934, a post he held for 38 years.

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Drew Hensarling said...

Good luck! Maybe they'll offer you a slice of pizza after this one.


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