Sunday, April 08, 2007

Here's a couple Big D Marathon pics.
I figured I'd have some fun in the photos. I enjoyed the run, but the post-race festivities sucked. Yeah, sucked. Especially when I went to go grab something to eat and was informed that all the food was pretty much gone. Apparently, the race directors had put out all of the post-race grub early and the half-marathoners had decided to plow through darn near all of it.

Oh well. On a more positive note, I am officially Marathon Maniac #534, and my InSane Asylum page is up and running. At some point, I'm going to fill out the Maniac Questionaire.

And, to bring this post to a nice close, Smiley and I have decided to run the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon at the end of the month, which will be the last marathon of the season--until El Scorcho. (RUN EL SCORCHO!!!!!)

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mrjwhit~ said...

Hey great work. Nice pace. I'll check on your progress regularly.


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