Friday, January 19, 2007

Not feeling good today. Stomach issues. Took the day off and have spent the majority of it in bed.

I do not like being sick.

At least I'm not missing a glorious day outside. For two weeks now it has been cold and rainy/icy. Running in such conditions sucks. I realize I'm a wuss, but that's why I live in Texas. I can handle the heat. I can handle the humidity. But I hate wet, cold weather. And that's all we've been getting lately.

I actually miss the sweltering summer.

Speaking of 100 degrees, this is a quick shout to my fellow Texas runners to keep July 15 open. There's going to be a new endurance running event that night in Fort Worth. All night. Details to come....


Frandog said...

Have you heard of an Adventure Race? (I think that's what it's called). A girl was explaining it to me this week - running,mountain biking, and kayaking. Maybe a new avenue for you?

Just12Finish said...

I hear you. I got one run in today, before the door closes and the cold and rain come back. Hope you feel better.


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