Thursday, November 09, 2006

It's just after 6 a.m. I planned to sleep in, but I awoke with Nell. (She's currently at a yoga class.) As I sit here, I'm transferring songs from my CD collection to my computer so I can upload them to my new iPod shuffle. Then it's off to the gym.

I went for a 7 mile run last night with Jason. I rarely run in the evening--especially anything that leaves the comfort of my neighborhood. I'm an early riser and prefer to hit the streets before dawn and watch the sun come up. But I read Dean's recent blog entry about the peacefulness of jogging at night, and I happened to come across an article in my wife's Runners World about night running--so why not?

It was a cloudy night, making it all the more dark. Nature seemed stiller than the morning. Quiet. It was pretty cool. But I need to get a headlamp if I'm going to do more of these. There were several spots where I slowed down considerably for fear of losing my footing.

I also slept great last night.


Frandog said...

Did I tell you my laptop crashed and I lost all of the music I had loaded...and purchased? I'm still upset about it.
Even more reason to keep supporting the music industry and buy real CDs.

GandaMan said...

That sucks. FYI -- if you download from iTunes or Musicmatch, you can keep supporting the music industry and, if your computer crashes, there's a way you can redownload all the songs you've already paid for at no additional charge.

Bex said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I love night running. So welcome to the club! However, I agree that it's easier to trip and lose your footing. A headlamp is on my holiday wishlist. Also, I hope you're wearing reflective gear; I've almost gotten run over b/c cars couldn't see me. Now I'm lit up like a Christmas tree when I run at night.


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