Thursday, November 16, 2006

Anybody remember that trial I had back at the beginning of October? The one where the jury came back deadlocked? Well, a few days afterwards, I was still dissastisifed so I did a little research and came across some authority that would allow us to seek a directed verdict after the jury had been dismissed so long as we did so before the trial court ordered a mistrial. So... I drafted a motion, and--a month and a half later--the judge heard it and GRANTED it! Ta-da! We're done. Our client won and is very happy. (Of course, it'll probably get appealed.)

Switching gears, I intended to go for a 6 or 7 mile run this morning, but I'm a wimp and it was cold. With tube socks over my hands (I chunked my gloves at the Marine Corps Marathon and need to buy some more), I put in 4 decent miles (8:43 per mile) before taking the shortcut back to the house. I made up for bailing on the distance at lunch, when I skipped a long meal and instead went to the gym to lift weights.

But the real excitement of the day occurred when I learned that Dean is coming to the D/FW metroplex to participate in some crazy 24 hour race in Grapevine this weekend. Hmmmm... this may affect my weekend plans....

Update: Pam Reed will also be at the Ultracentric race in Grapevine this weekend. (Thanks for the info, just12finish.)

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Just12Finish said...

Did you see that Pam Reed is running as well?


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