Tuesday, November 21, 2006

After seeing the Ultracentric competitors running with their headlamps, I decided it was time to make the purchase. So now I'm officially a VIP member of Roadrunner Sports (which, for a $30 annual fee, gets me free shipping and 10% off every order and will easily pay for itself in a year). Besides the headlamp, I snagged a pair of gloves (I lost mine at the Marine Corps Marathon) and some socks. I also picked up a pair of shoes for J-Ball.

Inspired by my purchase, I went on a very short 3.5 mile run after work last night. I clipped a flashing light to the back of my shorts and carried my bicycle headlight in my right hand. Not the greatest system in the world, but it kept me visible to cars.

Switch gears (somewhat)...

Nell informed me the other day that she wants to run 10 miles Thursday morning before the yearly gluttonous Thanksgiving feast. Sounds good to me. Somehow, this is more appealing to me that running the 10K Turkey Trot (which we've run the past 3 years). Perhaps I'm becoming a race snob, but if it's less than a half marathon, I'm not really that jazzed about running it.

Oh, and I've started thinking about an ultra. I've done 7 marathons and by February will have run 9. And I've finally broken the 4 hour barrier. While going faster could surely become a goal, I think I'd rather set my sights on going farther. (This may have something to do with the fact that, at 6 feet, 190 pounds, I'm not exactly built for speed.)

Next July, I'll turn 30 years old. What's a 50K? 31 miles or so? That sounds pretty good -- 30 miles for my 30th birthday. No official announcement as of yet, but I'm leaning towards this.

Maybe I could get some local runners to participate. We could turn it into an organized run....

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