Sunday, August 27, 2006

HH100 Report:



Oh, and did I mention I ended up on the wrong course? Here's all the local Wichita Falls' paper had to say about the "misdirection" that lengthened the HH100 endurance ride by 13 miles:

Some riders participating in the 100-mile ride actually saw the course lengthened. At FM 171 and FM 180 in Clay County, several bikers were taken off-course because of incorrect signs. Keith Walters, a rider from Dallas, said he was one of about a 1,000 people who were taken off course by a sign held by a man in a pickup truck. It was a disappointing detour that added 13 miles to an already long course. Walters and other riders, who were into mile 80 before the diversion, did receive aid from locals. Clay County Sheriff Deputies and volunteer firefighters with the Jolly Fire Department provided water to the misdirected bikers. Walters said the alternate path dumped bikers out on to Texas 79. Christie was aware of the "sign vandalism." He said some HHH workers had taken down other signage, seemingly set up to misdirect riders. But instead of damning the sign-changing culprit, Christie applauded the impromptu "humanitarian relief."
Um, yeah. No big deal. We'll just ride 117 miles instead of 100. It's was only 100+ degrees by noon. That extra 13 miles with no water or support over some good sized hills into the wind after having ridden 80 miles was great. Just great.

Here's a map. The red line represents the extra mileage 1,000 riders--including Adam H and me--rode.

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