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The Results

The 2004 Marine Corps Marathon was by far the hardest of any marathon I've run. It was also my slowest time since 2001's New York City Marathon. My chip time was 04:41:52, or right at 10:45 per mile. I ran the second half of the marathon 21 minutes slower than the first half. It was unseasonably warm (mid-70s) and humid. I've never felt my legs cramp as much as they did on the final 10k. I did fare better than my training partner, whose legs pretty much locked up on him around mile 18. We separated at that point, but he ended up finishing only about 6 minutes behind me.

Despite the aches and pains, this was probably the most emotional marathon I've run, especially with its uphill finish towards the Iwo Jima Monument.

Now my sister wants to run a marathon. Guess I'll have join her. But that will be my last one.



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