Friday, October 29, 2004

The Final Run... For Awhile

In two hours, I will be headed to the airport to depart from our nation's capital. On Sunday, I'll be running in the 29th Marine Corps. Marathon. This will be my fifth marathon in four years, and I have sworn it will be my last, at least in the immediate future. During law school, I ran the Mardi Gras Marathon twice and the New York City Marathon once. While clerking, I ran the Houston Marathon.

I've been training for this marathon with a buddy who is six years my junior. It's the first time I haven't been in better shape than my training partner. It's been quite a humbling experience. I've also not been able to dedicate as much time to cross-training as I have in the past. Working full-time as a commercial litigator tends to curtail those 2-hour long gym excursions. The lack of additional conditioning and the time commitments of my job have taken their toll, and, while I'm very excited about the race, I'm also looking forward to sleeping in on Saturdays, as opposed to getting up at 4:45 a.m. so I can jog 18 miles before the Texas heat and humidity makes it unbearable.

Upon our arrival in D.C., we will be met by Canon Manning, older brother of Colin, who hosts HawaiianShirtFriday, the liberal antedote to Dedman's conservative commentary. I got to be friends with Canon during law school, when he would come to town to visit his brother (read: New Orleans).

Canon, my roommate Kyu Chan, and I eventually formed a band, Poncho, Lefty, & Drunky, that played a few parties here and there. Canon played the drums. Well, he played a drum. He could only check a snare on the plane. One time, during Mardi Gras, Canon bought some bongos, and we played a short set on the neutral ground (where the street car runs) in between parades. We like to tell people we played in front of thousands. Gosh, if only we had pursued our musical careers. We were geniuses!!!

I'll report back after the race.

Friday, October 22, 2004

So long, TEX

Sad, but true.

The Texas Enrollment Exchange, more commonly known as TEX, has finally met its demise. I still recall my first encounter with TEX during the freshman summer orientation of 1995. I was on the 13th floor of Jester Dormitory, desperately trying to put together a schedule that would allow me to sleep until noon.

As Dedman would say -- alas.

Monday, October 18, 2004

They're Texas

Dedman sarcastically proclaimed his astonishment when the New York Times endorsed John Kerry. But what about The Daily Texan editorial board? Not surprisingly, they too opted for the junior senator from Massachusetts.

Lone gone are the days when Dedman and his vast right-wing agenda controlled the op-ed page at UT.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Sinus, Virus, Football

Yesterday morning I went to see my doctor after a week of feeling stuffed up and achy. I'd tried to kick my cold/flu-like symptoms with every over-the-counter drug I could find. Unfortunately, I still awoke each morning unable to breathe and feeling like my head was in a vacuum chamber.

Thankfully, my doctor is also a family friend and was able to schedule me an appointment within 1 hour of my request. I arrived to a sea of sick souls wading miserably the waiting room. Quickly, I was ushered directly to see the doctor, where she informed me that I had both a sinus and a viral infection. Ugh. After prescribing some heavy duty drugs, I was sent on my way. Rather than head to the office, I decided to take the day off and spent another four to five hours asleep.

Now it's Saturday morning and, although I feel better, I am still as stopped up as a clogged drain. But what will I do with my day? I'm one of those people who abhors being bored. I cannot stand to do nothing.

Thankfully, today's football schedule is full of Big XII action. At 11 a.m., I will watch Kansas State take on OU, hopefully handing the Sooners the first of the two losses they must amass to give my Longhorns a shot at the National Championship.

After that, Texas welcomes Missouri to Austin. This will be a tough game. Mizzou has the highest-ranked defense in the Big XII and a gifted athlete at QB. Plus, Texas is without Tony Jeffryes, the only wide receiver to show any spark this year. If the passing game is stagnant (as it was against OU), this could be rough.

Finally, I will cap off the evening with Texas A&M versus Oklahoma State. The Ags are much improved from the team that was stung by Utah in the season opener. Despite the fact that A&M is supposedly Texas big in-state rivalry, I'll be cheering for them. In truth, I cheer for the Longhorns first and foremost, then Texas teams (with the exception of Texas Tech -- for obvious reasons), then Big XII south teams, the Big XII north teams, and then whoever has a chance to knock off a team ranked higher than Texas in the polls.

So it looks to be a fine Saturday of rest, relaxation, and football. Here's hoping the stress of the TX-Mizzou game doesn't result in a backslide -- both in terms of the Longhorn season and my illness.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Dell 4 Eva

I am very pleased with my Dell DJ. Works great in the car. Love it at work. Sure, some will call it the poor man's Ipod. But to me, it's a smart way to go. It's a solid piece of equipment that gets the job done. And at least $100 less than Apple would've charged me. Hey, I'm all for style. But Dell has done a great job putting together a nice little unit that, while admittedly not as "hot" as the Ipod, has a simple, stream-lined look and an ease of use that has me smiling.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Much Music

Having had several friends purchase Ipods over the past several months, I've toyed with the idea of shelling out some cash for one of my own. But don't let the $299 price tag deceive you. You will also need several accessories to complete your digital music experience, none of which are included with the basic purchase. Dismayed at a $400+ price tag, I routinely put off buying my own nifty little gadget.

And then a colleague suggested checking out the Dell DJ. The reviews were good. I also check one out at a Dell kiosk at the mall. Sure, it's not quite as sexy as Apple's machine, but it does darn near everything the Ipod does--and at a cost which doesn't put near as big of a strain on my wallet.

So, for about half what the Ipod (and the requisite accessories--cradle, auto kit, carrying case, stereo hookups) would have cost me, I ordered a Dell DJ yesterday afternoon. I'll let you know my thoughts upon its arrival.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Deadbeat blogger: I think not

With one day to spare, I triumphantly post this entry. I can only assume that somewhere Jim is a bit disappointed. Such is life.

I will be better this month.


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