Thursday, September 02, 2004

Less is Moore

Let me start by pointing out that I have not seen Farenheit 9/11. As far as Michael Moore's esteem as a filmmaker, I cannot provide a satisfactory opinion, having only seen bits and pieces of Roger and Me and Bowling for Columbine. (They were on my rent list, but the last time I was at the video store I opted for The Real Cancun. Who wouldn't?)

Over the past year, however, I have observed Moore's increasing presence on television, not to promote his films--though I'm sure it doesn't hurt--but instead to provide firery rhetoric as a very vocal, anti-Bush advocate.

Recently, Moore has been covering the Republican National Convention for USA Today. I happened upon his commentary regarding the Bush twins recent appearance at Madison Square Garden. I was initially surprised by his seemingly apolitical--and quite complimentary--description of what he saw:

I loved the Bush daughters: They were funny, sassy and free spirits. Back in 1999, they told their father in no uncertain terms that they did not want him to run for president. They wanted their dad at home, they wanted their privacy, and they wanted to go to college in peace. He chose to ignore their pleas — and I guess Tuesday night was their way of saying, "Thanks, Dad."

And thank him they should. He and Laura have obviously done a good job raising two bright, independent women. He made their privacy a top priority and did what he could to protect them. They clearly love their parents and, when you see that happen, you know the Bushes did something right in their home. For that, they should be commended.

Quickly, however, Moore returned to what he knows best:

Other fathers and mothers who loved their daughters and sons across America can no longer celebrate with them. That's because their children are dead on the streets and roads of Iraq, sent there by Mr. Bush to "defend" America.

Ah, well. So much for that.


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