Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Get Up, Stand Up

Another citizen exercising his inherently American right to protest.

Sort of.

For an irreverent perspective on protest, take a look at the "Give Me Your Tired Slogans" and "NY Protestors" posts over at Dedman's blog. Be sure to check out the comments. I'm curious to see Jim's response.

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

She Used to Be His Girl

A disturbed misanthrope looks on as his obsession stares longingly into the eyes of her soulmate. Posted by Hello

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Not Kerry Funny

The other night, Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry appeared on The Daily Show. Personally, I don't really know what to think of Kerry. He's always seemed a bit bland to me. He's not as dynamic and engaging as Edwards or Obama, both of whom I find energizing and encouraging. Still, I thought Kerry did okay last night.

But don't tell that to the writers at Slate:

Kerry's charisma was less than zero: It was negative. He was a charm vacuum, forced to actually borrow mojo from audience members. He was a dessicated husk, a tin man who really didn't have a heart. His lack of vibrancy, his utter dearth of sex appeal made Al Gore look like Charo.


Watching Kerry strike out was especially heartbreaking given that Stewart was pitching not just softballs but marshmallows. Puffy interview marshmallows with rainbow sprinkles on them, and Kerry was letting them sail by as if he planned to get to first base on a walk.


And then, when the interview was over and Kerry rose to leave, he caused audible groans in my household by saluting the audience (just as he did at the opening of his convention speech: "John Kerry reporting for duty." Lieutenant Kerry, your first order is to stop saluting the audience. It makes you look like a total tool).


The struggle on Stewart's face was visible but, eager to put his distinguished (and less-than-flexible) guest at ease.... When it comes time for the debates this fall, the Bush camp won't be so kind.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

"I got no more use for this guy."

My Cousin Vinny. This is the line I wish I had used during my one and only trial (so far, that is). Absolutely the perfect way to dismiss a witness.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

A Lesson in Etiquette

I quote verbatim a recent order from Federal District Court Judge Sam Sparks:
BE IT REMEMBERED on the 21st day of July 2004 and the Court took time to make its daily review of the above-captioned case, and thereafter, enters the following:

When the undersigned accepted the appointment from the President of the United States of position now held, he was ready to face the daily practice of law in federal courts with presumably competent lawyers. No one warned the undersigned that in many instances his responsibility would be the same as a person who supervised kindergarten. Frankly, the undersigned would guess the lawyers in this case did not attend kindergarten as they never learned how to get along well with others.

Notwithstanding the history of filings and antagonistic motions full of personal insults and requiring multiple discovery hearings, earning the disgust of this Court, the lawyers continue ad infinitum. On July 20, 2004, the Court's schedule was interrupted by an emergency motion so the parties' deposition, which began on July 20, would and could proceed until 6:30 in the evening. No intelligent discussion of the issue was accomplished prior to the filing and service of the motion, even though the lawyers were in the same room. Over a telephone conference, the lawyers, of course, had inconsistent statements as to the support of their positions. On July 20, 2004, the Court entered an order allowing the plaintiffs/counter-defendants until July 23, 2004 (two days from today) to answer a counterclaim . Yet, on July 21, 2004, Bodyworx .com, Inc.'s lawyers filed a motion for reconsideration of that Court order arguing the pleadings should have been filed by July 14, 2004.

The Court simply wants to scream to these lawyers, "Get a life" or "Do you have any other cases?" or "When is the last time you registered for anger management classes?" Neither the world's problems nor this case will be determined by an answer to a counterclaim which is four days late, even with the approval of the presiding judge. If the lawyers in this case do not change, immediately, their manner of practice and start conducting themselves as competent to practice in the federal court, the Court will contemplate and may enter an order requiring the parties to obtain new counsel.

In the event it is not clear from the above discussion, the Motion for Reconsideration is DENIED.

/s/ Judge Sam Sparks

Health and Happiness

Not one known for my political blogging, I do frequent various other sites dominated by the donkeys and elephants of the day. Here's an interesting excerpt from an opinion on healthcare written by Peter Z. Grossman of the Indianapolis Star:
Actually, there is one way that the government might lower costs. It's the same way that all countries with socialized medicine keep costs down. They limit access to care. In Canada, for example, it can take months for a patient to get a test that hospitals here order the same day. People literally die waiting for their medical tests. This is a way of transferring the costs back to the patient. You want a CAT scan? Stand in a long line until a unit is free. As our government becomes more involved with health care, it too can ration care, but that just trades one problem for another. We go from under-insurance of patients... to under-provision of care.

All the talk of health care reform brings to mind a conversation I recently had.

An acquaintance intimated that she was canceling the family insurance plan provided by her employer because of the increasing cost. Instead, she intended to maintain health insurance only for herself. I asked what she intended to do when her children (she has two) got sick. Without hesitation, the woman responded, "JPS."

For those unfamiliar, JPS is a tax-supported medical program offered to eligible Tarrant County residents by JPS Health Network. JPS is available for clients that do not have Medicaid, Medicare with prescription benefits or any medical coverage that covers all or part of medical services and prescription pharmaceutical costs.

I find this woman's actions disconcerting. She is not without the means to afford adequate healthcare. Nor is she uneducated or ignorant. She simply wants more take-home pay at the end of the month and does not see any reason to provide her children with insurance -- especially when there is "free" healthcare available at JPS.

What is perhaps even more troubling is the thought that this woman is probably one of thousands if not millions who share a similar sentiment.

When I learn of people making these type of decisions, I have difficulty seeing the benefits of socialized healthcare. It seems at times that we live in a society whose members are devoid of personal accountability.

Socialism works when we all act as members of society. When we start abusing the system, how can we hope for it to succeed?

New Commentary

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